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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Something about Nasirabad City in Rajasthan, India

Nasirabad is a cantonment city in Ajmer Districts, Rajasthan. This city is well known for its army population. Thousands of soldiers and officers are posted here every year. It is also Rajputana station in Ajmer. The population of city is around 50,000 and literacy rate is almost 75 per cent.

History of Nasirabad:

This name is based on a famous English officer Sir David Ochterlony who was honored with the name "NASIR-UD-DAULA" it means the "Defender of the State" by Mughal Badshah Shah Alam II. Nasirabad is an important place for Indian army. It is also safest place in whole Rajasthan because of the camp of Indian army surrounded in all over the city. It is also well known for 1857 revolt where Nasirabad represent Rajasthan in this revolution.

army camp in nasirabad
Army Camp in Nasirabad
Overview of the City:

City is enclosed with three big cities like Ajmer, Beawer and Kishangarh. There is also India’s largest gas plant placed in Dilwara, Nasirabad. This gas plant has made so many job opportunities in this area for local public. It means that this city also play a significant role in Indian transportation system because it is providing large number of petroleum products. You can still find Tanga(horse carts) here and enjoy riding on it.

Local Markets:

Sadar Bazar is the main market in the city.  Masala mandi and Anaj mandi are food markets for local farmers to selling their food products.

Kachora- Famous Snack of Nasirabad:

kachora famous snack of nasirabad
Kachora Famous Snack of Nasirabad

Kachora is the most famous snack of nasirabad and best eatable thing at here. This is a round shaped fried chapatti with large size. Its weight is almost 1kg. Its taste is as same as kachori but large in size. People are specially come from different places to eat Kachora. It is made from Lentil and Potato. Chawanni Lal Halwai is the famous Kachora shop in city.

Transoprtation in Nasirabad:

Nasirabad is also connected with Indian Railway and nearest airport is Sanganer Airport. There are two bus station of Rajasthan Public transportation where you can get buses for every major parts of State. Ajmer is the closest city which is around 25km away and Jaipur is around 140km away from the town.


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